We traveled around downtown and went to the aquarium yesterday.  It was interesting.  The buildings were as expected:

DSC_0005 (2) DSC_0057 (2)

But there was a place of actual green: DSC_0004 (2)

We went to the post office to mail a card and discovered that we were two grains of salt in the pepper shaker.  On that description the following analogies were hatched:

two grains of pepper in a salt shaker

two grains of salt in the powdered garlic jar

two grains of salt in the cinnamon jar

Anyways, we had a small quick lunch at Taco Bell and went to the Aquarium.  It was an intriguing place consisting of many more of the animal species than those living exclusively in the water.  The argument they have for having Siberian tigers, was that they were the most water loving of the cat species.  I figure with that argument, I could be a water species as I’m in the water every morning.  The had a couple of rides, but the one anticipated was not running, so we were not able to ride the train under the shark tank.  😦  Oh well,  I guess another time will have to do.  We drove parallel to the light rail and noted it was in the process of expanding.  There was a section where the operating rail completed, a space, then new concrete with rail, power posts and no wires were present.  I noted a sign about a bridge by 2016, so figure they are going to elevate the track over that portion of road.  The remaining pictures from the Aquarium follow.  Enjoy.

DSC_0011 (2)

Jelly Fish

DSC_0035 (2)

Bird Eating Spider

DSC_0083 (2)

Just a yawn. This snake weighs more than the female Bengal Tigers. He/she gets one rabbit every other week for food.

DSC_0085 (2)

Electric eel. I’m told that he/she is not actually an eel, but an air breathing animal.

DSC_0017 (2) DSC_0020 (2) DSC_0037 (2) DSC_0040 (2) DSC_0069 (2) DSC_0073 (2) DSC_0077 (2)

**I had a chat with siblinginbox and was informed that it would be good to correct the description of the electric eel.  There is a page on the subject describing that this is an air breathing fish, a knifefish.

We also had a discussion on the subject of women in combat.  I postulated that there was a political angle and propaganda in the timing of this and siblinginbox stated this was more of removing any exclusively male entity.  Private clubs, business clubs, locker rooms all formerly male sanctuaries have been opened to female attendance.  I granted that point, but held that the timing of this too closely correlates with the emergence of Benghazi-Hill.  I maintain that the application of females in combat (where they have no business as I have previously noted) is just another brick in the obelisk towards the first female president – females can do anything a man can do.  Except they can’t.  There is a difference.  Long live the difference.  Am I saying a female can’t be president?  No.  Margaret Thatcher was a perfectly good example of how a female could behave in that level of office.  My problem with that subject in particular is the individual in question.  The present female running needs a new outfit.  I would suggest striped white/black, or orange, and the housing to match.  If she held that room for life, I would be content.