From here:

[Benghazi-Hill] is overrated. She’s overhyped. She’s overpromoted, overvalued, overconfident, overpriced, overbearing, overreaching, overpaid, over-age, and overweight.

I would also like to add: overprotected – by the MSP.  If she were a republican, you would have the research applied to Nixon and Palin combined with the invective thrown at Bush.  However, in her case, there is a bunch of manure.  Rose Law Firm billing records anyone?  Removing evidence is her MO. There is a long history.   Any of us try it, and they would have to pump light to where we would be put.  Selling access to the State Department?  Compare donations to the foundation to permitted sales to other countries and in interesting pattern emerges.  Any of us try a similar stunt, without protection of the MSP and see what happens.  I will continue to refer to this public refuse in the best association manner possible – Benghazi-Hill.  Let’s pair her with the deaths with whom she is associated – and responsible.

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