The Spring was filled with stuff like shoveling a truck full of compost and running the tiller until unknown muscles were sore.  After that, the rocks needed to be raked and placed out of the way.  Fertilizer was added and also tilled. Finally, seed was applied to the area and watering and waiting began.


We had 5 servings from the one and gave away the other.

This evening, the work had a payday.  We had green beans right off the plants combined with turkey which was previously smoked.  This was joined by cut up cucumber from my doctor’s garden.  The starch was one of those flavored packages of noodle/rice/etc for a buck.  All in all, quite a nice dinner.  The flavor of the beans was really nice.  It’s interesting the difference from canned or restaurant where the effects of processing have to be covered.  We steamed ours.  A little shake of garlic salt was applied and the rest was left for the tastebuds.  We have already given away 3 zucchini and I’m thinking the corn, or at least a few ears, may be ready to try tomorrow.  We just have to decide with what to serve them.  Here is a pic of supper.  Supper