We stayed home last night and mominbox and spouseinbox decided to watch the show and fireworks display in D.C. that was playing on the television.  I decided to be sociable, and joined them, but it was a labor of love, not interest in the broadcast.  I actually went outside at one point and sat with the bugs and birds until I could talk myself back for the point of being social with family.  The thing that irritated was the repeated phrase of “social justice.”  For the bit I watched, it was repeated 2 – 3 times.  I decided what we had was pure propaganda at work, and didn’t want to be part.  Let’s define “social justice” right now.  That is the partial application of law to a group depending upon their identification.  Consider law applied to Catholics as opposed to homosexuals.  One comment down the post noted that if the Catholics were the ones dousing the homosexuals, there would have been handcuffs.  Here is the perfect example of “social justice”.  The archbishop is obeying the law and gets attacked by those against whom there will be no charges.  (if you can find where charges were filed, by all means, leave the link in comments)  I was sitting there watching Old Blue Eyes being presented as an advocate of this kind of “justice.”  That would not have happened.  He did assist B.B. King according to this article, but was in accord with the law, not advocating exemption by association with some group.  Here is another article on the subject.