There was a dinner at church Sunday, but we had quite a list of activities needing attention, so begged off.  The first requirement was going home to obtain a certain piece of hardware needing a power supply.  The plan was to grab that box, get changed, and go grab a lunch on the way to obtaining the power supply.  Four other stops were also in the works.  Anyways, that was the plan.  Plans are good.  They help accomplish multiple activities.   They keep me sane – for the most part.  At least by using plans, I look more sane.  Anyways, on our first turn towards home we were in a major intersection and had to stop.  Across the road came a cat with something looking like a mouse trap on its leg.  On closer inspection, it was a piece of packing tape.  We let the little fellow go, and headed up the road.  You know that little voice in the back of the dendrites that calls out occasionally?  This one made a duet with spouseinbox who stated we could not leave him like that.  I had to agree and turned around at the next road to return to that intersection.  This time there were already three cars stopped and a lady in high heels was out of her car walking to the front where I could see a figure flat on the road.  Oh crap, I thought.  Someone already hit the little fellow.  As she got closer, the cat ran back across the road to the eating establishment on that side.  The cars started moving again, and we followed the cat there.  Spouseinbox hopped out and tried to corral what we decided was about a 5 week old kitten who was absolutely exhausted and basically skin an bones.  I worked off the packing tape and we hopped into the truck.  Remember those plans?  Yea, me too.  We got home, tried to give a bit of milk as that’s all we had and the drops taken seemed to make the kitten sick.  Spouseinbox looked up care and noted that formula was needed.  I found a grey tote, dumped out the contents (cleaning up that stuff will be later) and rinsed it out.  A bit of search through closets revealed an old flat pillow which became the kitten bed.  Also, the fellow happened to be a she.  We left her there and added a stop to the afternoon list.

Upon return, we started working with the formula and a bottle, and with trial and error managed to get 1/2 tablespoon down her.  She seemed to go between licking and chewing.  After a bit of time, she started crying and had her first bowel movement – for us.  There was a mix of shell indicating that she had been eating bugs.  Spouseinbox stated on the second that a leg was noted.  It wasn’t until the following morning that urine was noted.  That was quite a relief, as without it there was the possibility that the kidneys were shutting down, and considering her malnutrition, I considered a risk.  Well, we kept after the formula and provided it a reasonable intervals until last night, she started lapping from a lid.  We even tried a small amount of wet food, and she ate readily.  I think her prognosis has a small smile right now.

Anyone who had read here knows that this kitten has associates from the animal world represented.  Those associates are not known to be readily adaptable to new faces.  Just being honest.  Jake and Pearl both looked and hissed.  Jake has approached the tote a couple of times, peaked over the edge and hissed again.  Pearl has only approached the tote a couple of times.  Batman, however, has decided to be a surrogate mom.  He is in rapt attention wherever the kitten is, licks it all over and looks for the kitten whenever coming in from outside.  We had very little sleep the first night as Batman sat in his  cage and whined for hours.  Last night was a bit better.

Here is a picture of our latest addition to the animal set: Kitten

She is a bit larger than a hand.