My optimism has taken a nose-dive.  The kitten spent the last day sitting up and being alert between naps, but there was no bowel movement, and after attempts to push fluids, we had a single wet spot in her bed last night.  Three AM was the time we heard the little cry again, and I got up and made a teaspoon of formula to try and keep the fluids moving.  Spouseinbox has decided to seek counsel of a vet in the morning.  (Technically, it is morning, but let’s say later in the morning – about 0800.)  One interesting observation to this endeavor is the amount of attachment created in two days.  The idea of her not making it past this problem leaves a void on the inside.  My psychology side wants to examine the reasons and basis for such a reaction, but humanity just recognizes there is emotion involved, and this little creature is a victim of circumstances beyond her control.  We are doing our best to assist her circumstances as much as our abilities allow.  You know, it’s amazing how easy destruction is compared to maintaining life.  There is real effort involved in keeping life alive.  It would be easy to do a religious/political comparative here, but I will not do so.