I ignored the first alarm this morning and rose at the second an hour later.  A little extra sleep was warranted.  By bedtime last night the physical and emotional states had been through the ringer and had walked past the exhausted road sign a few miles back.  Yesterday started at an early 0300 with a formula mix for our little charge who barely took 1/2 teaspoon.  We had agreed to take her to the vet and per working environments, spouseinbox took her.  The vet weighed her at 0.8 pounds.  They kept her in the office and said they would work with a warming pad, fluids, and eating and let us know.  The call came a little after lunch.  She had passed.  I went over to the office of spouseinbox and we had a cry.  A few minutes of recovery, and work beckoned again and we completed the day.  Post work, there was the bed used as a carrier sitting there in the car.  Memories flooded again.  After another recovery time, home welcomed and Batman bounded out to check the tote.  So many memories in so little time.  What can I say?  Love hurts because it is love.  Ambivalence would have no emotional baggage.  We know the separation and feel the loss because there was love.  At least Mercy received some on her last couple days with us.  And yes, I’m crying again writing this.  We both knew she was in poor shape when we found her.  The physical signs were not good, but Spouseinbox commented last evening that it was worth all the effort.  I agree.