I have been working with a garden this year and have weeds.  If there is a patch of dirt and something growing that was not planted – it’s a weed.  They are the most prolific growing things out there.  I think of Adam’s curse many times.  On that note, just a thought, most consider creation done in the 6 days, but there were no weeds then.  They were created later.  Anyways, the weed seed initially puts its root into the ground, then starts to grow with the first task being that root, the second is creating new seeds.  We have spiny weeds here in Texas, so it is very apparent when there are young ones growing their offspring.  The weeds put down their roots, suck nutrients and water from the ground and inhibit other plants from growing in that area.  Pulled weeds that aren’t completed removed tend to grow from the root left in the ground, so complete eradication of the root is required to get that particular plant from growing again.  This can be in the form of digging around the root and pulling out the unit, or utilizing a chemical treatment to kill the while plant.

While pulling weeds, it has occurred to me how similar they are to the liberals and progressive philosophies.  Their first task is to establish a root and start reproducing.  Hence, targeting children who have no to very few defenses.  I was in school prior to sexual education.  There were these peculiar things called families.  There was discipline and expectation of behavior in public.  There were jokes about shotgun weddings because it was understood that certain behavior required certain consequences and subsequent behavior.  Children were able to expect certain things from adults and in return adults had certain expectations of the children.  Was it ideal in all cases?  Of course not.  That argument is thrown to try and diffuse the observation that family life was much better then.  The statistics bear me out.  To paraphrase Thomas Sowell, the only reason to teach sexual education for twelve years is not to impart knowledge.  It is to change the training of the parents.  The idea was to start young, when defenses were nonexistent or minimal and keep chanting the refrain.  Our society shows the weeds that have grown from this seed.  Planned Parenthood is just the logical extension of the line of reasoning starting with sex having no consequences.

A similar thought can be applied to each philosophy espoused by the left or liberals or progressives, or socialists.  Pick your title, it works as there are only shades of difference between them.  Speech codes are on campuses now, not to “protect” the students, but rather to remove any concept contrary to what is being presented.  Compare the reaction of a terrorist going to Columbia to the reception given Ann Coulter.  (By the way, I found the links by using a search engine and typing in “terrorist speaking at Columbia” and “shouted down ann coulter campus.”  The links were numerous.)  Note that the one who has espoused destruction of a country, threatening nuclear attack is treated with dinner compared to one who has spoken truth.  I know Ann can be a bit abrasive at times, but she has never advocated annihilation of an entire people.  Note the treatment between the two.  The academic institutions have clearly chosen a side, and it is the one of violence and destruction.  Just like weeds, anything decent is starved of nutrients and space.

What can one do?  When planting a garden, I had to look for the seedlings and pull weeds that were growing around them.  I kept this up until the plant was big enough to cover the foot path I had left.  Once the plant was big enough, my weeding activity lessened.  The young “minds full of mush” as Rush Limbaugh describes them, need to have the weeds removed from their immediate vicinity to allow growth until a time when they are big enough to cover that territory.  In other words, it takes parents dedicated to their childrens’ growth.  Hence the attack on the family in general and fathers and marriage in particular.  Hang tough, we truly are in a war.  It’s not a shooting war, its one in the culture fought by those trying to control the narrative – the concepts by which the culture behaves.  We can engage it by blocking weed growth – turning off the TV and not patronizing movies, and instructing the young in proper etiquette, and interaction with each other.  Real history instruction would also be helpful.  When the kids bring home propaganda, point it out as such.  It wasn’t 5 years after the impeachment, that kidinbox brought home a textbook noting that the Republicans were against the president.  Nothing about obstruction of justice or purgery.   I got to instruct the real history.  That is the activity of which I am speaking.  The philosophical weeds can only be abated if we each keep working in that space.