August 2015

Spouseinbox and I were out front of the house working on the trailer this afternoon.  Actually, this project has been in the works for a looooooooooooong time.  We have just had many other projects gaining priority.  Now, Snapshots of Samson first public performance is getting close, and a trailer would be wonderful to haul all of the stuff.  Therefore, it has moved up the priority ladder a couple of rungs and as such has acquired a couple of new additions:

Feet – we have jacks attached to a sliding tube so that when parked, the back can be supported when the ramp is down so that the trailer doesn’t tilt when we are stepping out the back.

trailer jack there is a larger pipe welded on to the back beam of the trailer with two slits so that the jack can be compressed, swung up, and stowed under the rear of the trailer.

This afternoon was spent adding an air wedge to the front.  I’m hoping this will make it easier to pull down the highway.  Also, it provides some space and we have decided to utilize that space for storage of the costumes.  trailer frontThe bottom of the frame, where the triangle makes contact with the tongue, I cut a carriage bolt hole, rather two, to connect it to the tongue through a spacer to make it even with the rest of the frame.  That little job cost a bit of time.  It’s amazing how long it takes to cut out a little square.  trailer carriageI guess tomorrow we are going to pull up the plywood, paint the underside, then bolt the plywood to the frame.  If we can get that much done, I think that will make a rather productive evening.


I had these pictures for some time and just found them again.

The sales pitch:product advertised

The purchased product:product purchased

I have been spending time in Psalms and Proverbs.  Those two books have quite a bit of wisdom packed.  This morning, I found two verses.  Compare Proverbs 5:19 to 6:2.

Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God.

A man to whom God hath given riches, wealth, and honour, so that he wanteth nothing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet God giveth him not power to eat thereof, but a  stranger eateth it; this is vanity, and it is an evil disease.

I just struck me the area in which a person was to rejoice was receiving the results of his own labor and an evil disease was a stranger receiving it.  This goes to the heart of socialism.  Removing the results of a person’s labor to give it to someone else is an evil disease.

From here

“I once joked with a marine that the only reason we arm our soldiers is to give the enemy a sporting chance.”

I remember the story of a retired marine in the company of fellow retirees on a bus on their way to the Aztec monuments.  The bus was held up by three attackers.  The first ended up dead, the second wounded, the third ran.  Yes, an unarmed marine is still a force.  Honor and thanks are due.

The article is here and the comment referenced is Rand Miller:

No soldier in service whether they be officer or NCO will be able to do anything about this. They have to follow their commander in chief. Its the veterans who know better who have to make the noise. We can say something and not get reprimanded. RLTW 9/84 & 3rd Plt, Aco 1/75 83-85

He sticks to the basics of the female abilities related to combat and I tend to consider that men behave differently around a woman.  That is all there is to it.  Men and women are different.  I know that was quite a shock to the “Times”, but we in fly-over country are quite familiar with the differences and don’t mind.  With the assault of feminism, there are still doors being held, “yes maam’s’ being said, and courting being done.  I once attended a church that had an attendee from Israel there.  Israel has a mandatory service – for both sexes.  The male stated that females in the service were considered to be the entertainment.  I know what that sounds like.  tough.  That is real life, and we are hurtling down that path under some feminist’s misguided conception that on a topless beach, all would be the same.  They are not because we are not.  Let me just say it.  What we are witnessing here is the battle against two fronts: 1.) our country, 2.) men.  1.) the assault here is on the ability of the country to defend itself.  2.) the assault here is on the ability of a family to defend itself.  Starting on the second, I have mentioned earlier the boost in power the government is given when a man is not present in a family.  To whom does the female have to turn for authoritative power?  The government.  The world did a similar thing in relation to this country.  We had the ultimate force in the world, and utilized it for good, not conquest.  There is no back-up.  (I know there are those who would argue both ideas, but so be it)

i have heard the flap about Ashley Madison and the names being revealed as well as the jokes around the office of “let’s see if your name is there…”

Rather than get into that level of muck, I thought the byline needed a bit of reality check, therefore:

‘life is short, have an affair” needs to become:

Life is short.  Show your promises mean nothing.

Life is short.  You need to create strife in your marriage

Life is short.  Divorce lawyers need to pad their fees

Life is short.  Demonstrate to your kids, that your words are worthless

Life is short.  You need the experience of being pulled apart from the inside

Life is short.  Become a gossip line at work

Life is short.  Psychiatry needs new clients.

Life is short.  Child support is long.

Life is short.  You need to experience being an emotional train-wreck.

Life is short.  See your kids every other weekend.

Life is short.  Prove any misconceptions of the in-laws were right.

Life is short.  Throw away all that time spent courting and establishing relationship.

Life is short.  Prove you can’t be trusted.

I’m sure there are others.  That’s just off the top of my head.

Post the completion of the compost bin, I started on the next project – a T post puller.  We bought one, and it broke on the first T-post encountered.  I decided that didn’t need to be repeated and I could provide a much better alternative.  This was in the form of a car jack actuated puller.  That way, we had about 2 tons of force pushing up on the post.  The basic design was rather easy.  Take two square tubes of a heavier variety and put the C shape post lock between them.  Weld a plate to hold the square tubes and place the post lock on a swivel.  The jack sits under the plate, and the end of the square tubes sit on the ground, the post lock pushes up and locks on the T-post and pulls it out of the ground as the jack increases in height.  I used it on 3 posts this evening and was rather pleased with its operation.  Spouseinbox said I should market the unit.  We were having a conversation with another couple last night over supper, and I was asked if we had a truck and an old rim and some chain.  Just place the chain over the rim, wrap around the t-post and attach to the truck.  Drive forward, and the T-post comes out of the ground.  That is a very good, cheap, useful idea – but needs to have room for a truck to operate.  The one we have works in a fenced back yard.   T-post puller

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