There is a pizza place to which we have occasionally gone boasting of a game room and a buffet.  In the game room is a particular unit having about 6 holes and a large padded club.  When the moles “jump” out of the holes, the challenge is to hit them on the head with the club before they go back into the holes.  I found it more efficient to use my hands and skip the club altogether.  I could actually get pretty good scores with the 2 hand method.

In describing my day to spouseinbox it sort of poured out of me yesterday that we were having moments at work where I had someone on the phone, 2 receptionists at the desk and a couple or three messages open on my work list.  I would be working on one message and have to stop and answer another question, then go back to the first message, add another line, answer the phone, finish that first message, then open the second, and run up front to answer a patient… Wash, Rinse, repeat.  It occurred to me that instead of “putting out fires,” I was playing “Wack a Mole.”