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MathMan had a security clearance when he was doing intel. If he went to the bathroom, he had to lock documents in a safe. Not his locked desk drawer, not even his safe – it had to be the safe that the secretary opened and closed and spun the dial on before he could go to the loo. If he had ever left documents on his desk, once, he would be fired. It was simple. If he had divulged anything, even to me, even now, he would go to prison. If he had done 1% of what Hillary has done, he would be in solitary confinement and I would not have seen him in the last 25 years.

We need to get serious about national security, and the word “treason” should mean something scary to people again. I despair when I think that not only will she probably skate, but might even be president, because this administration is so unbelievably corrupt that there is nothing that is bad enough for them to prosecute, unless it is related to conservatism.

I am hoping that God deals with her very soon, because the DOJ will not.