About 2 weeks ago, I got some inspiration that to really clean up the yard and garden, a compost bin would be useful.  The price of commercial ones seemed rather high compared to the product, so I looked at a couple of web sites to get an idea what one should look like.  The gist of what I found was that it needed to hold about a yard of compost to allow good fermentation and have air holes around for oxygenation.  It needed to allow rotation of the contents as well.  In the back of my mind, I also wanted to have a place to put all the stickers.  After all, every single one of them is a new seed to produce more holes in the fingers and feet.  Placing them to rot seemed like an attractive idea.  Wood would rot, so that didn’t seem like a good long-term idea.  Concrete would last, but be quite a problem if I ever wanted to move it.  I finally settled on concrete blocks on a bed of sand with expanded metal frame.  The blocks were easy to obtain from the local Lowe’s and I already had sand left over from a previous project.  That left the metal store for the remainder.  I started cutting, and welding about a week and a half ago.  I’m not really a welder, but figured that paint covers a multitude of sins and after all, it is for compost.  Five cans of spray paint were used to cover the metal and protect against rust and here is the final product:

compost binIt will hold about a yard and a third if full.