Post the completion of the compost bin, I started on the next project – a T post puller.  We bought one, and it broke on the first T-post encountered.  I decided that didn’t need to be repeated and I could provide a much better alternative.  This was in the form of a car jack actuated puller.  That way, we had about 2 tons of force pushing up on the post.  The basic design was rather easy.  Take two square tubes of a heavier variety and put the C shape post lock between them.  Weld a plate to hold the square tubes and place the post lock on a swivel.  The jack sits under the plate, and the end of the square tubes sit on the ground, the post lock pushes up and locks on the T-post and pulls it out of the ground as the jack increases in height.  I used it on 3 posts this evening and was rather pleased with its operation.  Spouseinbox said I should market the unit.  We were having a conversation with another couple last night over supper, and I was asked if we had a truck and an old rim and some chain.  Just place the chain over the rim, wrap around the t-post and attach to the truck.  Drive forward, and the T-post comes out of the ground.  That is a very good, cheap, useful idea – but needs to have room for a truck to operate.  The one we have works in a fenced back yard.   T-post puller