Spouseinbox and I were out front of the house working on the trailer this afternoon.  Actually, this project has been in the works for a looooooooooooong time.  We have just had many other projects gaining priority.  Now, Snapshots of Samson first public performance is getting close, and a trailer would be wonderful to haul all of the stuff.  Therefore, it has moved up the priority ladder a couple of rungs and as such has acquired a couple of new additions:

Feet – we have jacks attached to a sliding tube so that when parked, the back can be supported when the ramp is down so that the trailer doesn’t tilt when we are stepping out the back.

trailer jack there is a larger pipe welded on to the back beam of the trailer with two slits so that the jack can be compressed, swung up, and stowed under the rear of the trailer.

This afternoon was spent adding an air wedge to the front.  I’m hoping this will make it easier to pull down the highway.  Also, it provides some space and we have decided to utilize that space for storage of the costumes.  trailer frontThe bottom of the frame, where the triangle makes contact with the tongue, I cut a carriage bolt hole, rather two, to connect it to the tongue through a spacer to make it even with the rest of the frame.  That little job cost a bit of time.  It’s amazing how long it takes to cut out a little square.  trailer carriageI guess tomorrow we are going to pull up the plywood, paint the underside, then bolt the plywood to the frame.  If we can get that much done, I think that will make a rather productive evening.