LInk is here.

Let me get this right.  Attack our country, kill 3000 Americans, do several billion dollars damage and get rewarded with a mosque?  in an airport?  Where is the Catholic chapel?  How about the Jewish temple?  How about a Baptist church?  NO!  We have “separation of church and state” except when it comes to those who kill us and destroy our culture.  Then it is perfectly fine to steal money from taxpayers to build their desires.  When it comes to teaching that stuff in schools, I’m told it’s called culture.  When we are charged for its expansion, I’m told it’s their religion.  Let’s think about this for a moment and apply a little reality.  If it’s religion as in charging us for a mosque, and no religion is allowed in school, GET IT OUT!  If it’s culture and we are America, GET IT OUT!  islam is incompatible with our culture and has the sole purpose of turning us into slaves or martyrs.  How about recognizing a bit of reality, and returning our money back to the taxpayers, and removing this blight on one of our airports.  The article mentioned how they wanted to welcome the visitors.  Huh?!  Welcome, as in a positive vibe of glad to see you, hope you have a pleasant day to the very ones who support our destruction?  How many would “welcome” a known murderer into their living rooms?  How many would “welcome” a terrorist into their kitchen knowing the visitor’s only purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy?   I hear that there are two versions of islam.  Let me ask.  How do the terrorists get their support?  It is from the “moderate” “peaceful” muslims.  Those who are “moderate” and”peaceful” are just as destructive as the active terrorists.  It’s the same as comparing a fire to rot.  Both reduce the wood to base elements.  One takes longer than the other and seems “quiet” and “peaceful”, but the end product is still destruction.  </rant>