This past weekend was rather decent as far as calorie burning.  We drove to larger city and helped a relative move.  There’s no good way, no nice way to pass this point.  It’s just pick up and walk, pick up and walk, pick up and…. Don’t forget the stairs.  Well, the job was done, unknown muscles discovered, and accomplishment felt.  The trip back was late evening Sunday and the moon was doing its ballet.  I had not taken a camera.  Who wants to record the boxes which need to be hauled?  In retrospect, I should have packed it.  Our backup position was to call kidinbox and try to give instructions over the phone on how to find, set up, and use the camera.  After about 20 minutes of texting, I called and received the following “hello:” “You’re camera hates me!”  Now, it’s one thing to use a camera.  It’s quite another to remember where the buttons are and describe them to someone else.  Part of my instructions were to “look for the button that has a timer on it.  It should show single shot, 2 sec, and 10 sec.”  Thinking on the interactions, it occurred to me that I had worked for days with the camera before learning how to perform these actions.  To cut to the bottom line, we received a couple of pics, but decided not to post at this time.  There are plenty of better pics on the web.

I did note that the markets closed lower on Monday, but only by a small percentage.