November 2015

We, at the office, are anticipating a worklist of excessive proportions.  After all, there have been 4 days available for people to call in and we not available to answer and remove those messages.  Such is life in the medical office.  That’s not a complaint, just reality.  For those of you who have called in and are waiting, realize we are not playing games on the computer, we are just answering another one of the calls to the worklist and each call takes time, which is why we haven’t called you yet.  I say yet, because we will call, when we get down the worklist to your message.  For those of you who call with a question requiring a doctor – realize that those questions have to wait until there is a doctor available.  That might seem an obvious characteristic, but considering the questions I have fielded… Also: a phone call is not an office visit,  therapy should be done in a therapist’s office, and I can’t diagnose – especially over the phone – that’s doctor material.

The doctor has a schedule, and shows up to the office accordingly to see patients here.  The doctor also has two other facilities requiring attendance, and as such sees patients in three locations.  Questions from the phone calls, mail, signatures, all get shoved into the theoretical funnel, and eventually the doctor looks at them.  It may be after clinic, in the evening, or the following day.  We nurses have no control over when the doctor wants to review stuff.  We have a place to put those items and the doctor gets to them whenever.  Remember that there’s a clinic to run.  That means there are patients are sitting in the waiting room as well as in the exam rooms.  They don’t appreciate distraction by paperwork since they are physically present and have paid for their time there.   We do appreciate the patience of the patients as all of this stuff hits the desk and we slog our way through.  I just wanted you to know.


One perp, who “could have been [Zero’s] son”, is no longer going to commit crimes…

This appears to be an even-handed presentation of the shooting in Colorado.  Isn’t it interesting that news presented in a news fashion is found on the internet and propaganda is found…

Some excerpts:

This shooter’s rampage began on the street outside an eye care center, not Planned Parenthood.

Nothing would have had a chance to stop or minimize these killings except armed citizens on the scene.

I also love the quote accented in the middle of the article: “people with armed security should probably shut up about gun control.”  That group is growing rather large…

A bit over a century ago, ships approached Japan and entered the feudal society there.  Post WW2, Japanese learned from their invaders (that’s what we were to them) and started producing and perfecting that which was obtained from the rest of the world.  I heard a Japanese describe that they are not developers, they are perfectors.  It went like this: “Germany built a watch, we now build a better watch.  England built a car, we now build a better car”.  Their society discourages innovation, but encourages perfection.  There is a saying – “the nail that sticks up, gets the hammer” and from the earliest school, all kids are to be dressed alike in uniform for school with hair neatly and uniformly trimmed as well.

Their society looked at the outer world, adopted what seemed usable, and advanced thereby.  They have also looked at the outer world and noted a cancer and adopted a model chemotherapy.  With h/t to Theospark:

Concludes Komiso Yogi of the University of Tokyo: “…The prevailing and widely accepted opinion in Japan is that Islam is an extremely narrow-minded and repressive religion which needs to be ostracized and kept at arm’s length…”

Now you know why we never heard of any Islamic terror in Japan.

(Emphasis mine)

Our first military heroes were pinned related to efforts fighting muslims.  Look up the Barbary wars with the years 1805 and 1815.  History is not taught in school because certain things would then make sense, like, not allowing muslims into society where they can spread their philosophical cancer.  Japanese success in this regard is not touted, because the lesson taught doesn’t fit SJW norms.  It goes against the lie of multicultural presentations.  It actually shows the truth, so must be ignored.  I guess that’s why I prefer blogs.  Little nuggets of truth can pass the main stream propaganda censors.

For those who don’t think animals have any emotions, I present this little video. It has a bird reacting to the loss of his mate that is being wrapped for removal by the human.  As limited as a bird is, the response is clear.

I do forms quite frequently at work.  We have to fill out questionnaires and verify information from the medical record for insurance companies, other doctors, pharmacies, government agencies, etc.  We have to interpret these forms and make the information from our medical records fit whatever questions are asked.  I became aware that the politically correct equivalent of dog fertilizer was evident on a form received the other day.

Let me say that when I was a kid, there were individuals with XX chromosomes and individuals with XY chromosomes.  Those with XX were expected to wear a bra when puberty hit.  Those with XY were expected to keep their hair at a short length.  Yes, I grew up in a rather conservative location.  Men were expected to open and hold the door, and kids were expected to obey adults- not just parents.  Any infraction at school would also be visited again at home.  There was a definite appreciation for structure of who the man and woman were and their job descriptions.  Kids had their positions as well.  Reminders were received by anyone from the parents, teachers, neighbors and even strangers.  That has been lost.  Maybe not lost, but rather destroyed with systematic messages from the media and application of destructive policies of the government.

We are now in the state where I have a form to be answered containing a box with the following items: male, female, other, unknown.  If someone is ignorant of what God placed there, therapy is needed, not an additional check box.

Many moons ago, I worked in a facility on second shift.  I would start during the nice daylight, and finish at black of night.  On this particular night, we had one of “those nights” and I had a piece of song going through my head on the way out the door.  Granted, I didn’t know the song, just heard the commercial with the line, “Oh, what a night.  Late in December, back in sixty-three.”  That is all I knew of the song as that is what was on the commercial.  Anyways, a coworker asked how it went, and I pined the opening of that line – “oh what a night.”  The coworker paused a moment and asked, “You realize that song is talking about sex?”  (deer in the headlights)  I haven’t used it since.

The present office at which I work plays a rock station almost constantly.  There is a song “Hot blooded” which has a line “I’m hot blooded, can’t you see.  I got a fever of a hundred and three.”  I hear that and immediately think: acetaminophen 650mg and a cool shower.  Considering the rest of the song, I would say skip the Tylenol and make the shower cold.

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