It is with extremely mixed emotions that I announce the roadway participation of our latest project.  We bought a trailer frame a couple of years ago and have been slowly building an enclosed trailer on top.  The purpose of this is to get all of the Samson stuff out of the house and make it usable to travel.  Kidinbox needed assistance with moving stuff and an enclosed trailer filled the bill – so to speak.  We put in extra hours, worked with headlamps and I even did a little in the mornings prior to going to work.  At 0 dark thirty, the trailer became usable on the road.  It isn’t finished, of course, but all the items needed for the road were done.  After all that, kidinbox and fiancee were the ones to take the trailer on its maiden voyage.  That meant we didn’t get to test out the results of our labors, ensure all the problems were ours to fix, and take care of them.  Someone else had to find whatever may be lurking in the unfixed category.  I’m awaiting report.  Anyways, here are a couple pictures of the trailer as it left this morning:

Trailer 5 trailer 1