Many moons ago, I worked in a facility on second shift.  I would start during the nice daylight, and finish at black of night.  On this particular night, we had one of “those nights” and I had a piece of song going through my head on the way out the door.  Granted, I didn’t know the song, just heard the commercial with the line, “Oh, what a night.  Late in December, back in sixty-three.”  That is all I knew of the song as that is what was on the commercial.  Anyways, a coworker asked how it went, and I pined the opening of that line – “oh what a night.”  The coworker paused a moment and asked, “You realize that song is talking about sex?”  (deer in the headlights)  I haven’t used it since.

The present office at which I work plays a rock station almost constantly.  There is a song “Hot blooded” which has a line “I’m hot blooded, can’t you see.  I got a fever of a hundred and three.”  I hear that and immediately think: acetaminophen 650mg and a cool shower.  Considering the rest of the song, I would say skip the Tylenol and make the shower cold.