I do forms quite frequently at work.  We have to fill out questionnaires and verify information from the medical record for insurance companies, other doctors, pharmacies, government agencies, etc.  We have to interpret these forms and make the information from our medical records fit whatever questions are asked.  I became aware that the politically correct equivalent of dog fertilizer was evident on a form received the other day.

Let me say that when I was a kid, there were individuals with XX chromosomes and individuals with XY chromosomes.  Those with XX were expected to wear a bra when puberty hit.  Those with XY were expected to keep their hair at a short length.  Yes, I grew up in a rather conservative location.  Men were expected to open and hold the door, and kids were expected to obey adults- not just parents.  Any infraction at school would also be visited again at home.  There was a definite appreciation for structure of who the man and woman were and their job descriptions.  Kids had their positions as well.  Reminders were received by anyone from the parents, teachers, neighbors and even strangers.  That has been lost.  Maybe not lost, but rather destroyed with systematic messages from the media and application of destructive policies of the government.

We are now in the state where I have a form to be answered containing a box with the following items: male, female, other, unknown.  If someone is ignorant of what God placed there, therapy is needed, not an additional check box.