A bit over a century ago, ships approached Japan and entered the feudal society there.  Post WW2, Japanese learned from their invaders (that’s what we were to them) and started producing and perfecting that which was obtained from the rest of the world.  I heard a Japanese describe that they are not developers, they are perfectors.  It went like this: “Germany built a watch, we now build a better watch.  England built a car, we now build a better car”.  Their society discourages innovation, but encourages perfection.  There is a saying – “the nail that sticks up, gets the hammer” and from the earliest school, all kids are to be dressed alike in uniform for school with hair neatly and uniformly trimmed as well.

Their society looked at the outer world, adopted what seemed usable, and advanced thereby.  They have also looked at the outer world and noted a cancer and adopted a model chemotherapy.  With h/t to Theospark:

Concludes Komiso Yogi of the University of Tokyo: “…The prevailing and widely accepted opinion in Japan is that Islam is an extremely narrow-minded and repressive religion which needs to be ostracized and kept at arm’s length…”

Now you know why we never heard of any Islamic terror in Japan.

(Emphasis mine)

Our first military heroes were pinned related to efforts fighting muslims.  Look up the Barbary wars with the years 1805 and 1815.  History is not taught in school because certain things would then make sense, like, not allowing muslims into society where they can spread their philosophical cancer.  Japanese success in this regard is not touted, because the lesson taught doesn’t fit SJW norms.  It goes against the lie of multicultural presentations.  It actually shows the truth, so must be ignored.  I guess that’s why I prefer blogs.  Little nuggets of truth can pass the main stream propaganda censors.