We, at the office, are anticipating a worklist of excessive proportions.  After all, there have been 4 days available for people to call in and we not available to answer and remove those messages.  Such is life in the medical office.  That’s not a complaint, just reality.  For those of you who have called in and are waiting, realize we are not playing games on the computer, we are just answering another one of the calls to the worklist and each call takes time, which is why we haven’t called you yet.  I say yet, because we will call, when we get down the worklist to your message.  For those of you who call with a question requiring a doctor – realize that those questions have to wait until there is a doctor available.  That might seem an obvious characteristic, but considering the questions I have fielded… Also: a phone call is not an office visit,  therapy should be done in a therapist’s office, and I can’t diagnose – especially over the phone – that’s doctor material.

The doctor has a schedule, and shows up to the office accordingly to see patients here.  The doctor also has two other facilities requiring attendance, and as such sees patients in three locations.  Questions from the phone calls, mail, signatures, all get shoved into the theoretical funnel, and eventually the doctor looks at them.  It may be after clinic, in the evening, or the following day.  We nurses have no control over when the doctor wants to review stuff.  We have a place to put those items and the doctor gets to them whenever.  Remember that there’s a clinic to run.  That means there are patients are sitting in the waiting room as well as in the exam rooms.  They don’t appreciate distraction by paperwork since they are physically present and have paid for their time there.   We do appreciate the patience of the patients as all of this stuff hits the desk and we slog our way through.  I just wanted you to know.