December 2015

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In a collection of essays to be published in the spring, professor Roger Scruton laments the way people now dance ‘at’ each other instead of ‘with’ a partner.

From someone who used to watch Fred Astair, Danny Kay and Ginger Rogers, that is such a true sentiment.  If you have never watched, or know the names, spend some time with movies like “Holiday Inn” and see dance.


Kidinbox was giving treats.  The purpose in this scenario is slightly related to training the animals for verbal commands.  The verbal command minus the treat is almost meaningless.  The command with treat present gets results like – well let’s just say that if Batman didn’t have hair on his legs, he would have had a rug burn.

As the official day has passed, I can reflect and say this has been a most interesting Christmas.  Considering working on presents, car, work, home and just trying to get things finished by date, Wednesday was not a welcome time.  Wednesday was the day that the discomfort escalated to the point I checked temperature and discovered it was triple digits.   Well, bugger.  That can’t be good.  Not to mention that I still had stuff to finish.  Well, my co-workers sent me out the door with wishes that I get better and not see them until such time either.  Honest sentiments, they were.  I can’t blame them either.  The walk-in clinic NP did a couple tests related to the symptoms noted at the door and both being negative announced that I had a viral syndrome and just take tylenol and motrin about 3 hours apart, fluids and rest.  Lovely.  At least I had the official paper to be off work the next day.  That day would be Thursday.  I had a headache and other pains, but with naps and trying to ignore them was able to get some Christmas prep done.  It wasn’t all I wanted, but at least would be acceptable.  Christmas came.   My morning started at 0404.  With such a time, you can guess it was memorable.  Let’s just skip the gory details and say that my colon prep was over quicker.  It tasted worse, but was done.  1.) This lasted for the next two days.

2.) One of the crew asked how I was feeling.  I remarked, “drained.”

3.) Now may be a good time for a weight.

4.) See, doc, I lost a few pounds.

5.) This is not a recommended dietary method.

My NP from the office called in a tamiflu which I started Christmas and the fever broke last night about 1130.  I spent Christmas rolled up in a blanket, on the toilet, or in bed.  I did say this has been an interesting Christmas, didn’t I?  Now that things are a bit calmer, I have been searching on the web and have some links:

This is to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas from the nurseinbox household.

I don’t hear any screaming.  It makes me wonder what was really behind the previous noise heard.   Taken from  mostlycajun.


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There is something I have observed over the years and now believe to be valid.  This is not stating the why or how, just the is.  You may have heard how many complain about their knees when the weather changes.  Well, for me it’s my nose.  In either the Fall or Spring, when the weather changes, I get nose bleeds.  I have had blood tests and many questions on the subject with no answer.  So, this morning, I blew my nose and the resulting tissue was red.  Welcome to weather change.  It’s officially here.  Hopefully that is all until Spring…

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