I read through this article on the massacre and noted that the writer stated the NRA didn’t provide and answer to them.  My initial thought was to do this blog and give one, and then it occurred to me that the NRA probably realized to whom they were speaking when the question was presented.  Yes, I wouldn’t answer them either.  Anyways, the bottom line of mass shootings is that the shooters perform their destruction until someone with a firearm arrives.  Period.  The appropriate answer to these things is to have concealed carry all over.  That reduces the time for arrival of an appropriately dressed opponent’s arrival.  The sooner an appropriately dressed citizen arrives, the less damage the criminal is able to perform.  Beyond the immediate response possibility, the answer is to return Christian religion to the forefront of our culture.  Those with moral background don’t go around killing the defenseless.  The more a population has a moral background, the less there is a need for governmental enforcement and protection.  I specified Christian as we have the comparison to muslims in Detroit to show that not all so-called religions are the same.  In this comparison, one is a religion with focus on relationship with God, and the other is a totalitarian tribal philosophy leaving only destruction in its wake.