During several trips across Texas, I have noted areas of windmills.  These are interesting at night.  There is an identifying light on the top of each which blinks.  All of the windmills blink in coordination – except our last trip where one was a rebel, but I digress.  Each windmill has an output of a small town per an electrician I met.  Each is blown by the wind independently and produces its electricity independently.  Alternating current is 60 cycles per second.  A coordinated single wave-form of electricity is required for appliances to work properly.  How are the wave forms coordinated between the windmills?

A pie pan is flat and round with the lip being a larger circle than the bottom producing an angle between the measurements of the two areas.  How is that angle determined?  Did someone say, “our pie crust needs a 50 degree angle from the bottom to the back crust?”