Spouseinbox and I were travelling across Texas to two different cities.  The starting impetus for this trip was the loss of a relative and the funeral and burial plans.  On one of the highways, spouseinbox discussed a trip during college when the rain as so intense, the travel had to stop until the clouds lessened their deluge.  I discussed two times where I had been in such a predicament.  There was once on I20 where the rain was so intense that I could just barely see an 18-wheeler’s lights at about 15 feet, and another in Ohio where I drove through a blizzard and could see just a little bit of road in front of the hood.  After stating those moments, I thought of another time while travelling through Tennessee.  There was a section of interstate that had reflectors about every foot.  I thought that strange until driving through the same place during a fog.  The reflectors were literally the only thing visible on the road.  It made sense then.  During this remembrance, it occurred to me that this country’s founders had the sense and understanding that those in the local areas had more sense about what was needed for their environments.  Those removed from local environments have no real appreciation of what was needed in those environments.  Therefore, centralization of decision making was not practical.