February 2016

I have mentioned previously how people who’s labor is removed tend to work less.

This video appeared on YouTube a number of years ago and became hard to find over time. Communism is supposed to be simple: declare what you need to live to be your right, take it from whoever has it and then voluntarily submit yourself to a state that will arrange for you to contribute to the collective in exchange. But nearly a century of communism has been available for observation. Apparently communism isn’t as simple as it was originally intended.

Price discovery is a powerful force. Without free enterprise, that process never takes place and the producer (the state) will never know if productivity is being wasted. There is no incentive to strive for higher quality or greater quantity. Food becomes scarce, housing diminishes, and people die.
This country tried socialism in the 1600’s and learned that it didn’t work.
If you have time to sky gaze on March 7, this may be interesting.  It makes one wonder how many of these we have had without the knowledge they are out there.  After all, it is only recently that we have had the technology to obtain these images.

Back when I was in the building stage of the Samson story, I looked for a jawbone.  There were none.  After futile efforts, I went to the local supply company and made one with steel mesh and plaster.  This is the jawbone in the video and which we used in our two presentations to date.

Musically, the jawbone is a rattling piece of percussion equipment, sometimes called the vibra-slap.  I made a comment to the drummer at the end of a Kairos weekend and he mentioned wanting one.  The other day, I thought about it and decided to go looking for the instrument as well as the bracket on which it would mount.  I put in the term to the search on the auction site and found the real thing.  It arrived yesterday.


I found it interesting how heavy this little item is.  At our next production, Samson will be fighting using the real thing.  Oh yes, I did find the vibra-slap as well and it is to arrive shortly.  Here is a pic of one I grabbed at random from ebay.

This morning, right before work, brought an interesting interaction.  Actually, the start-up was quite ordinary, and pleasant as the case may be.  I was ready for work and getting ready to walk out the door and made one last stop for a good bye kiss.  Spouseinbox’s position at the time made a backward head tilt the appropriate position and post the kiss, expressed kind of a wow.  I responded, “it was that good?”

SIB: actually, I felt a bit dizzy.

me: I had quite an effect?

SIB: Well, actually it was probably the snot in my sinuses.

When checking in a patient, I check their birthdays.  It saves having someone with a similar name come to the wrong office.  I speak from experience here.  Anyways, this individual mentioned parents and I noted that they were born in the 1880’s and commented that reasonably, the grandparents were in the civil war.  This patient agreed.

I noted this exchange to my doctor who stated that post the civil war, the veterans married young wives.  During this doctor’s youth, there were parades in the hometown where the civil war wives were greeting the crowds.

My first hospital job was at the VA.  There was a nurse who finished 30 years during my presence.  This nurse stated that at an early association with another VA, one patient was an actual veteran of the Spanish-American war.

When one looks at the present government, there is not much left to the imagination as there is very little they would not do.  Following the law would be a refreshing departure from their history.  Let’s see – running guns both in Mexico and in Lybia.  Having people killed, both in Mexico and Lybia.  Shake down of a foreign company for $20B to provide gifts to contributors.  Using the IRS to harass contributors to the opposing party.  This is just a hint of stuff happening.  With those in mind, we have the shooting of a rancher who made the statement ,”I won’t get out alive.”  This was presented as a threat.  I wonder if he simply recognized reality – that this regime would not let him live.  It is lawless, and at that point, only show of force remains.  I found this:

While taking up occupancy of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, protesters reportedly gained access to sensitive information stored on the computers there, revealing sinister plans by the BLM to confiscate privately owned land with uranium reserves before auctioning it off to foreign interests that have donated to the Clinton Foundation, according a source who requested anonymity.

Read the rest.  What my be troubling is that the concept that this regime would operate in this fashion is not even in doubt.  Consider the recent death of a Supreme Court Justice:

While Scalia was pronounced dead “of natural causes”–or, alternatively, of a heart attack–no qualified official had actually examined his body, and there was no autopsy performed, apparently in deference to the wishes of his family.

John Poindexter, the owner of the ranch, provided more bait for speculation with an awkward description of how Scalia was found: “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled.”

Was a prominent conservative justice removed in the last year of this abomination of a presidency to tilt the rulings of the court?  On that note, realize that the court is not a set of justices finding out the law.  The radio announcement even noted that the court would be split 4:4 this last year.  Without detail, they announce 4 justices consistently vote liberal by that declaration.  There are 4 justices, in other words, who do not follow the stated wording of the Constitution which they are in place to enforce.

While typing this, apparently there was an open page on my browser which finally linked to a video.  I was greeted with the sentence, “Questions remain how rich countries will increase funding for poorer…” I clicked off before hearing the rest of the propaganda.  Let’s just note that the premise of the sentence is socialism.  Period.  When you take the money from those who work and give it to those who don’t, that’s socialism.  There is only one end to this kind of thinking – equal misery for most.  There are a few who live off the largess…  I think that’s why they (who live off others) profess that the economy is simply trading money to each other and not working which, in the real world, is what actually produces worth.


…that is, unless it is a Republican, Catholic, or Christian involved.  If I ever wanted to know all my history and family associations, I would simply run for office and let them do the work.  They would do that for me…

I decided to place thoughts on an activity with which I had very little association.  Spouseinbox reminded me yesterday afternoon that the game was going to be on.  I replied OK, that has something to do with football, if I remember.  I kept busy during the afternoon and now the car has a new set of brakes.  Spouseinbox assisted on Thursday, and we installed a new power steering pump.  We also spent Saturday trying to adjust the valves and after tearing down the engine and doing adjustment, the tick still remains.  Oh well.  In other words, I decided to remain active and productive while half the country lounged with eyes glued to a moving picture.  Granted, it’s impressive to have half of this country with attention on anything, let alone something of a two-hour length.  Spouseinbox noted the desire to see the commercials, and that’s when another thought struck.  Hollywood produces movie after movie of regurgitated crud all the while adding social justice themes and politically correct fecal matter to what may have been a decent original story.  I heard about the commercials and realized that it was not a lack of talent.  When tasked with designing an original, attention-getting, sales-promoting commercial, there is writing talent available who perform the task well.

Spouseinbox worked on supper and made a mix of ground beef, veges, ketchup and barbecue sauce.  It was rather good.  While consuming the same, I did take a break in front of the moving picture box and heard how we were not to miss the half-time show.  What if I consciously decided not to watch?  Is that missing it?

Supper finished, and the stove free, I started on stuffed peppers and pizza.  We had dough remaining from yesterday when we had run out of cheese and put it in the fridge.  One afternoon activity was resupplying the food stocks.  I went ahead and made two pizzas- 1.) pepperoni with ground beef and black olive, 2.) turkey Alfredo with black olive.  These went into the freezer for some time this week.  We eat frozen pizzas too, it’s just ours are home-made and custom.  I really like doing it that way.  I add oregano, parsley, garlic, and onion to the dough while it is mixing and that gives the crust flavor.

With an additional pound of ground beef, I made stuffed green peppers which also took a spot in the freezer awaiting any particular evening we want to consume them.  There was a remaining amount of filling and I saw jumbo shells in the pantry, but was getting rather tired and decided to fill the shells later.

As for the ground beef, we buy the larger packages of it.  Yesterday’s piece was 8 pounds.  I like doing this as it makes processing the ground beef later much easier.  I break it up into chunks of over a pound and vacuum seal it, then take a rolling pin and flatten the package.  The resulting ground beef package is about 3/4″ thick and 6×8 inches in size.  It takes only a few minutes in hot water to thaw and be usable and stacks very well in the freezer.  By the time I add the packaging and time, it doesn’t save money.  I just do this for the convenience of having those flattened rectangles of meat.

While I was thus employed, I remember hearing (I was in the kitchen, remember) the number 21 a few times and noting an interesting number of fouls and a seemingly heavy number of calls.  I don’t normally watch football, but did note hearing from officials many, many times which seemed a higher frequency than I would have expected.  On that note, I was considering maybe the players were in a heightened state and behaving according to their adrenaline levels.

Just so you know I peek out from under my rock occasionally: I won the door prize a couple of decades ago at a banquet I attended.  The room erupted with cheers and I went to the front to claim my prize – two clubhouse seat tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons.  I took them back to the table and asked, “who are the Falcons?”  I went to the game with the now ex and saw them almost lose the game on the last two minutes.  So there you have it – I have actually attended a pro football game.  What I remember from the game was that there were a couple of annoying kids seated a couple of rows in front of us, hot dogs were not even a food option, we could not afford what was offered, and the television makes the players look so much closer.  I don’t even remember who they played.  Oh well.

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