These past two weeks have been rather intense.  We started with the funeral of a relative, then went to another city for medical exam followed by information that another relative was facing major surgery, and at the same time setting up a guardianship for another relative and taking on Verizon in that case.  Considering we are in the middle of this fight, I won’t speak details, just note I have hired a lawyer, and we’ll see.  I’m mad enough right now, that I’m willing to pay the lawyer more than Verizon was demanding, just to see that they get nothing.  We are approaching a weekend were we don’t have to be anywhere but home and I’m happy with that idea.  There are projects here that need my attention and will help divert my thoughts from the other issues boiling on the front burners.

During the trip across Texas, spouseinbox and I discussed a song idea related to the funeral we had just attended.  I have placed the idea in a story and still need to get it into a meter and rhyme.  Here is the idea:

The attic room was hot and dusty single bulb shown dim

Trinket I had sought was hard to find.

Over in a corner was a big old cardboard box

It was thin and long with height up to my waist.

I looked the cardboard over and there was a faded picture

of a bike I had for many years which seemed so long ago.

I sat right there and thought of all the times we had

that bike and I on miles and miles of road.

There was the time we went to fishing, caught in blackberry bush

got all scratched up and didn’t tell my mom.

Then there was that nasty hill, loose gravel did its deed.

I had some stitches and a memory

There was a summer when we rode one thousand miles back and forth

Trips up hills in middle Fall, watching colored leaves fill the air.

Then walking home with flat tire and more inner-tubes than I can remember.

Oiling chain, adjusting tension, I think that chain popped off once.

Now I sit here with the box, full of memories.

One time it held my precious bike, could almost be called a friend.

Now it’s empty except the hint of the cargo once there.

And I’m so glad I had the chance to make those memories.

Well, there it is.  My concern discussed with spouseinbox is that most bikes now don’t come in boxes, so the reference may be lost on some.  On the other hand, I think the concept is easy enough to picture so decided to go with it.