Back when I was in the building stage of the Samson story, I looked for a jawbone.  There were none.  After futile efforts, I went to the local supply company and made one with steel mesh and plaster.  This is the jawbone in the video and which we used in our two presentations to date.

Musically, the jawbone is a rattling piece of percussion equipment, sometimes called the vibra-slap.  I made a comment to the drummer at the end of a Kairos weekend and he mentioned wanting one.  The other day, I thought about it and decided to go looking for the instrument as well as the bracket on which it would mount.  I put in the term to the search on the auction site and found the real thing.  It arrived yesterday.


I found it interesting how heavy this little item is.  At our next production, Samson will be fighting using the real thing.  Oh yes, I did find the vibra-slap as well and it is to arrive shortly.  Here is a pic of one I grabbed at random from ebay.