I have mentioned previously how people who’s labor is removed tend to work less.

This video appeared on YouTube a number of years ago and became hard to find over time. Communism is supposed to be simple: declare what you need to live to be your right, take it from whoever has it and then voluntarily submit yourself to a state that will arrange for you to contribute to the collective in exchange. But nearly a century of communism has been available for observation. Apparently communism isn’t as simple as it was originally intended.

Price discovery is a powerful force. Without free enterprise, that process never takes place and the producer (the state) will never know if productivity is being wasted. There is no incentive to strive for higher quality or greater quantity. Food becomes scarce, housing diminishes, and people die.
This country tried socialism in the 1600’s and learned that it didn’t work.
If you have time to sky gaze on March 7, this may be interesting.  It makes one wonder how many of these we have had without the knowledge they are out there.  After all, it is only recently that we have had the technology to obtain these images.