March 2016

Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee, His Colleague Finds What’s Left Of Him

But I can’t.  Invite a wolf into a sheep pen, and the result is predetermined.


Mominbox went on a trip to the East to say good-bye to a relative and share remembrance with those present.  On the return trip, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant – a buffet to enjoy their wares before heading home.  I like to sample many entrees and take very little of each as there are so many choices.  I have previously tried to eat what tastes good and after so many sessions of painful stomach have learned to moderate my intake.  A couple of bites of each is enough for a taste, and still I don’t get everything.  Anyways, at the end of the meal the fortune cookie was presented and we looked at the inserts and compared.  For this post I decided to combine them:

“Now is a great time to broaden your scope of influence.”

“Balance life with a little sweet & sour.”

“A beautiful person is with you, confide your problems.”

On the back of each was Chinese words for the patron to learn:

keai – cute

fei chang hao – very good

ji rou – chicken

The combination would be: keai fei chang hao ji rou.  I guess they were trying to teach us how to describe supper.

Just as an aside, I have a personal pair of chopsticks.  They have their own box and I took them to use.  The waiter informed me that I was the first to bring my own set.

At work the other day a coworker noted the anniversary of Origin of Species – 150 years.  This coworker seemed interested or positive about the mention and so I took the opportunity to instruct that the book was the philosophical basis for the Holocaust.  The coworker looked at me quizzically and I explained that if people were nothing except developed animals, there was no difference killing a person, than butchering beef or killing an animal which was not wanted.  Therefore, philosophically speaking, that book was the basis of the Holocaust.

Yesterday evening, I tried to get some work done on the truck.  The window was removed from the track and the cruise control was now installed, but not working.  I started working on the cruise control and reset the settings on the unit in the engine compartment as well as tried hooking up the brake wire to two different wires on the brake switch.  As to that last point, this cruise control was made in the 80’s and was designed for a simple switch.  One wire was to the hot side of the brake light switch, the other to the light side of the switch.  This was the connection to allow the cruise to know when the brake pedal was depressed.  My switch has 6 wires and three show conductivity with the brake light.  I tried hooking up to all three and had no luck getting the unit to operate.  My next plan is to run a wire from the bulb itself up to the engine and hook up to the sensor wire there.  If that doesn’t work, my next and last idea is to buy another switch, install it next to the other one and create my own brake light switch.  Oh the joys of rigging equipment.

Spouseinbox helped with the door and I busted the window crank handle removing it.  There was a retaining clip I knew was there, but could not find.  I plan to get another handle and pop it into place.  After disassembling the interior of the door, I tried to push the window back into the clips and it wouldn’t go.  I then tried a tie-down strap and twisted the clip at the window as tightening the strip caused the joint there to bend.  With twisting that joint to straight and applying pressure via the tie-down strap, the window was put back in place.  It now operates as it should.  We reassembled the door and all is well, except the crank handle.

All told, a cruise control that didn’t work still doesn’t, a window crank is broken and will need a replacement, and a window is now back in its holders as it is supposed to be.

We went to see kidinbox the other day.  One activity there was bowling.  We do so occasionally, and this time something happened which I can’t remember occurring in the past.  I actually knocked down all the pins for 7 frames straight.  Here’s the score: bowling score

Now, let’s see if this ever happens again.

I liked a bunch of things on this blog and rather than try multiple links, just go there.

I will admit the first thing to catch my attention was the red square.  Yes, how many riots have been caused by conservatives?   How many police cars have been burned by those who love this country and believe in the rule of law?   How many stores have been looted by those who believe parents need to teach their children love, respect, and proper response to authority?  I will stop here.  If you know, you’re already nodding agreement and if you want to argue economics causes bad behavior, you may leave the blog now.  Thank you.

The first is a smile.  If only learning would take place.

The next is a cringe.  What difference does it make takes on a different feeling.

The last is agreement.  How many realize the nature of their dependency?

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