We were busy all weekend.  That isn’t unusual.  There’s so little time to get stuff done, I just have to pick a project from the stack and try to get it out of the to-do list.  Anyways, spouseinbox and I worked on placing 4×4’s next to the South side of the house where the garden area is.  The purpose was to get more planting area by going vertical as there is not much lateral area in the subdivision.  Saturday morning, I got up the rest of the rails, bins and the first irrigation tubing.  The onions also received a location to grow.  I tried to pick the shortest plants for this and put the green and yellow beans on the lower shelf, and the peppers and lettuce on the upper shelf.  Time will tell.  The good thing is that each bin is movable, so we can adjust as needed.  Here is a picture of the result as the sun was coming up yesterday morning.Planter Rack

The colored tube you see is a child’s yard toy I found on clearance.  The idea is that the water sprays out the small tips and the kids jump through the streams.  It occurred to me that under low pressure, it could be used to water multiple areas and has assumed that position.