Here is an interesting article on the state of money matters in a macro sense.  Described is the application of QE and effects of the same as well as negative interest environment resulting from that way of thinking.  There was an extremely prescient paragraph there:

Western governments have tried to build their economies on the basis of borrowed state spending. It’s failed miserably so far, yet the political parties are as far as ever from putting their finger on the problem, because to do so would be to point at themselves.

One description I would add to this is the concept that labor is what produces wealth, or in this case, income.  The less people labor, the less wealth is produced and the less the economy is going to have.  The reason people are working less is a direct result of what the government does.  How much economic activity would be out there if the government admitted failure of the “war on poverty”, required people to go back to work for an income, and got regulations out of the way so that businesses could do so?  The cry is not a millisecond off – “what about the poor?”  Jesus said, “leave her alone.  The poor you will always have with you.”  Was Jesus wrong?  I read a bit back a sentence which described things perfectly – the natural state of man is poverty.  Think historically and geographically, and there is ample evidence.  A rich country is an anomaly.  Then, how about the poor?  Who better than the local church knows the poor and their ability to work?  When someone is able to provide for themselves and doesn’t, it isn’t charity to give them provisions.  It is the same as giving a drunk another drink.  The government can’t make those distinctions, and so we have the debacle in which our country is presently trudging – and they won’t admit it.  “…[T]o do so would be to point at themselves.”