After finishing my thought yesterday, it occurred to me from where this idea that growth from trading money originates.  Let’s use Algore as an example – because he’s an easy target.  He is synonymous with two ideas – his touting global warming and his hypocracy in that regard by his lifestyle.  Considering what this salesman is selling – carbon credits – we need to look just a little deeper to see the base philosophy of those who push wealth by trade.  Selling carbon credits does a couple things for Algore.  It feeds on the philosophy of socialism where those who are producing and earning wealth are sending this wealth to those who aren’t.  In that process, there needs to be an arbitor to facilitate such a trade and in doing so, receives a commission.  That is the wealth angle.  Money is traded and Algore makes a fortune by facilitating its trade.  He has not actually produced anything, just positioned himself in between two parties of trade.  Place a person performing similar transactions for a period of decades and see if there is any understanding of how labor produces income.  As to the second point of hypocracy, note the lifestyle Algore lives, and it’s quite apparent he doesn’t believe in his speeches related to the origin of the lie of global warming.  Right here is the basic philosophy and problem allowing the continuation of QE.  The understanding of those in positions of power related to the facilitation of such debacles are removed personally from what actually produces wealth.  They announce that for every dollar they send into the economy, it will produce something like a dollar sixty-two (I forget the actual figure they used).  Not mentioned is the actual lives affected by this which is where the rest of us are.  We have to deal with a debased currency and having to spend more of that currency to obtain the same products we used to get.  Therefore, the additional wealth is not produced as promised, because trading  doesn’t produce wealth.  Working does.