I have seen stuff this election cycle that would have made my dad squirm.  Imagine a party running a socialist who is waiting for the indictment of his opponent.  On the other side, a businessman who has interesting rhetoric without any political history except donations to the party of the socialist.  On that point, let me note that donations to a particular individual in a party are the equivalent of security money to the mob in Chicago.  Pay up, and they leave you alone.  I can’t be the only one to make that observation, but I sure haven’t read it anywhere.  Lastly, the term I have been hearing over and over ad naseum is “free”.  Let’s just note that there is truly nothing free.  Everything has a cost.  Those obammaphones – they have a cost, and we who work are paying for them.  That “free” healthcare – we pay for it.  Being in the healthcare field, I have had to deal with a few of these individuals who believe our time, training, and work is worth nothing – to them.  Someone else should pay for their stuff.  That is truly the definition of “free” – that for which someone else pays.  Why would someone else pay for something for you?  There are a few ideas which come to mind:

– loss leader.  That which is low priced to get you in the door so you will buy something else.  The business then makes their profit on the second sold item.

– token.  That which is provided as a zoo keeper feeds the animals to keep them docile. Consider the welfare zones around the country and what happened when the food cards went blank last year.

-bait.  That which is given as the giver wants to lure the individual (prey) into a situation where they have power over you.  “Hi I’m from the government and we are here to help you.  Just fill out these forms, provide all the information and keep updating your personal information to us any time anything changes.”

– charity.  That which is given for religious purposes related to the emotional/spiritual endeavors of the person. Motives in this arena can be harder to pinpoint as they can be from the spiritual efforts of the giver to the social standing obtained by such efforts.

I can see a couple of these definitions fitting a government which provides something to a particular group at the expense of another group.  After all, the only way the government obtains finances is by removing the proceeds of people’s labor at the end of a gun.  If you don’t believe me, stop paying taxes and see what sort of outfit is worn by the individual arriving at your door.  The other possibility in this regard is that they don’t show up, they just remove your bank accounts as noted here.  I would recommend watching the entire instruction she provides.