We had a weekend that was not assigned to any other entity except ourselves, so I decided to try and get a bit more done on the trailer.  The ability to do this was the fact that the garage was a bit more cleaned out than normal, so there was space to place the Samson stuff.  While building the frame, I ran a couple wires through a couple ribs so that lights could later be placed.  We have the lights – two LED strips which adhere to the ribs on the ceiling.  They just needed power.  I went looking for a power supply and being 12 volts, it limited the items we could purchase.  After on line and a couple of stores, I decided on a rechargeable batter from a farm store – one that could run a gate.  For price and operation, this seemed to be usable.  I could charge it, if necessary, and it would run the lights for multiples of hours.  Once the solar battery is installed, I won’t even have to do that chore.  It’s interesting to place two days work into a few sentences, but that is what I have just done.  The graphical representations follow:

The floor is now primed so we can paint the plywood with a nonskid protectant.  The black spots you see in the lower picture towards the front is a spray which was supposed to fill and seal cracks.  After using the stuff, I’m entirely unimpressed.  It sprayed around holes quite well.  Filling them and sealing them – not so much.  Oh well, we now have the experience and will use silicone in the future.  That is my plan.  All the rivets are going to sport a silicone button to ensure they are sealed.