Mominbox went on a trip to the East to say good-bye to a relative and share remembrance with those present.  On the return trip, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant – a buffet to enjoy their wares before heading home.  I like to sample many entrees and take very little of each as there are so many choices.  I have previously tried to eat what tastes good and after so many sessions of painful stomach have learned to moderate my intake.  A couple of bites of each is enough for a taste, and still I don’t get everything.  Anyways, at the end of the meal the fortune cookie was presented and we looked at the inserts and compared.  For this post I decided to combine them:

“Now is a great time to broaden your scope of influence.”

“Balance life with a little sweet & sour.”

“A beautiful person is with you, confide your problems.”

On the back of each was Chinese words for the patron to learn:

keai – cute

fei chang hao – very good

ji rou – chicken

The combination would be: keai fei chang hao ji rou.  I guess they were trying to teach us how to describe supper.

Just as an aside, I have a personal pair of chopsticks.  They have their own box and I took them to use.  The waiter informed me that I was the first to bring my own set.