The Snapshots of Samson set has a rear projection screen.  This is to allow us to stand in front of the backgrounds without casting shadows.  The design is simple – place the projector facing backwards in the normal fashion and place a large mirror on the back wall and angle it so that the picture is seen on the screen located at the rear of the projector.  The set up requires just over six feet of back space.  The mirror I discovered was from a garage sale and spent maybe $15 for it.  I don’t remember the actual amount, but it may have been less.  The thing was in an old frame from a dresser.  We have been using the mirror apart from its frame for the performances so far, but that leaves the mirror without protection during transportation.  I decided to  box the unit.  Since money has been tight lately with the federal government taking a pound of flesh, I used what we had.  Scraps became treasures.  Flexibility in design and thought were orders of the day.  The following is the result:


The original frame is actually inside behind the mirror.  There is a piece of plywood on the back attached to the old frame and the angle iron makes a slot for the front chip board to rest.  I didn’t want to buy clips, so bent two pieces of strap, drilled a 1/4″ hole in the end of each and welded a small piece of rod in each.  This means that the front simply slides into the slot and the two rod holes.  It does weigh like a dead horse though.  The mirror was stamped with a manufacturing date of February 1953, so I was wondering the possibility of leaded glass.  That’s also the reason for the two handles made from scrap 1/8″ steel and rebar.  I had an old piece of clothes rod which when cut and drilled made the handles.  It’s not the prettiest, but it is functional and won’t be seen except during the set up or tear down and I’m happy with that.