I have heard over the years about our country being “evil” because of the slave trade and existence at the founding up until the war of northern aggression.  A particular blog struck a note of curiosity by stating that at its peak, the United States was only 1% slave owners.  I had a few minutes before the sunrise today, so decided to check out the census myself.  The location is here for anyone interested.  I downloaded the statistics and property file and found out that the population in 1860 was 31,443,321.  The number of slaves was 3,200,364.  That makes the slave portion of the population 10.1%.  Another way of looking at this is that there were no more than 10.1% slave owners in the United States in 1860, and that assumes 1:1 ownership ratio.  (pages 337 and 339).   I then looked for slave owners and found nothing in that report.  It was interesting to note that all slaves in the District of Columbia were freed.  Note this was prior to the war or Northern aggression.  I have tried in vain to locate the number of slave owners.  Therefore, all I have with which to work is the fact that there were fewer than 10.1% slave owners in the country.  In modern politics, the white population is in the media being tarred with the slavery brush and the black population cries how about their history.  I also noted another column called “Free colored” and that number was 476,636. (pg 598)  There is not a history of them as to being slaves previously, but there is the note that 476,636 were not slaves at 1860.  Therefore, being black doesn’t truly mean that your ancestors were necessarily slaves.  There is a higher possibility, but not a guarantee.  Also, being white doesn’t mean you were a descendant of slave owners.  Actually the numbers are lower in that regard as well.  Of the population where 10.1% were slaves and 10.1% were owners, that leaves 79.8% of the population who didn’t own slaves.  Again, I’m just using the numbers I found as I could not locate the number of slave owners so am using the easy calculation of 1:1 owner to slave.  Therefore, the chance for a white to be a descendant of a slave owner is much smaller.  Why should an entire group be tarred with the behavior of 10% of their ancestors?   Apply that to any other group and the results could be interesting.