Mominbox had a wreck and after all was said and done is in an assisted living facility for a month.  This provides assistance while spouseinbox and I are at work and allows me to remodel the bathroom to make the tub – now shower safer.  As the tub was removed, I discovered the builder had a plumber who decided to cut a corner.  Yes, the tubing to the cold side of the faucet and outside hose bib was placed inside the wall.  This required the purchase of a PEX tool as all the water piping was run in that manner.  Further, the drain was into an inch and a half light tub drain which was connected through a reducer to a two inch P trap.  The reducer being glued into the distal end of the trap.  No problem, I thought.  I’ll just cut off the whole thing and install a new one.  As I dug into the access area, the pipe was noted to be just outside of the concrete leaving only about one half inch of room and the back against the concrete.  Removing the P trap was not possible.  That left the next possibility – removing the reducer and utilize the P trap as it was originally.  Photo04202120

I dug out the access hole to reveal the P trap and confirm that the reducer was the best point of attack – so to speak.  Next, the inch and a half curved pipe needed to be removed and the top of the distal P trap visualized.


Next, Material had to be removed, so I took a drill bit about the diameter of the thickness of the reducer and drilled out as much material as I was comfortable removing in that manner.  I also marked the depth of the drill bit with a piece of masking tape.


Lastly, the Dremmel with a sanding cylinder was utilized to remove the remaining material while reforming the original joint.  Photo04212154

Tomorrow, I get to figure out where the new location of the drain is and make the piping match that location.  This must match in all three dimensions.  As I said, “Life stays interesting.”