I should be in bed now, but the dryer is running so that appropriate dress will be available tomorrow morning.  As for the reason for the tiredness, I submit the following:


Underneath the new cement board is blocking on which I plan to mount a shower chair and hand rails.  The drain was completed with many adjustments to get to the final drain position.  It was then covered with the dirt, sand and finally mortar which also formed a base for the shower base.  I was trying to move quickly with the wet mortar, so took no pictures of that step.  There are two channels molded into the bottom of the shower base, so I ran the hot piping along one and the cold along the other.  The chair has been ordered, one of the two handrails is already present, and we need to find a surround or water proof panels to install – not forgetting the window as well.  That has some say in the design.  Anyways, the mortar has to sit and it’s time for bed, so I will sign off for the moment.  Maybe the clothes won’t have too many wrinkles if they sit until morning, or maybe spouseinbox will take care of them while I hit the sack.