I ran across this article describing how a married couple has better “outcomes” for their children than cohabiting and single parents. That comes as no surprise.  Men and women are different.  Wow! what a concept.  Children benefit when the characteristics of both are present.  Just to use our family with myself as kid, dad was a war veteran and an ace in a crisis.  He kept a cool head and dealt with whatever problem without drama.  Mom was the long term care person.  She set up formats of long term care for whatever problem happened.  We had the best of both worlds as their kids.  When I slipped on the edge of the tub and split open my chin from falling, dad was present who rinsed off my bloody self and found the small opening which he taped shut and took me to the emergency room.  Mom was the one who held my hands and kept talking while the doctor stitched my chin closed.  The best of both worlds.  That’s much better for a kid.

Dr. Laura described an observation at the beach during her radio show.  There was a couple there with a kid who was being held close by the mother and when passed to the dad, he turned around the kid to face the waves while holding from behind.  Both are needed by the child – the closeness and the facing of challenges knowing there is someone holding your back.  Is this to argue that all couples are better – no.  I know about pathology.  It is to note that married couples have a better environment for their children, on the whole, as compared to other types of families.  I’m just supplying a salt shake of reasoning on the subject which could be a five course meal.