Today would have been the 85th trip around the sun for dad were he still with us.  I had a conversation with my doc one time on a return trip from a remote clinic.  He mentioned being an orphan as both of his parents were gone.  I had not thought of it until his comment, but technically, he is accurate.  He further noted that even though he was grown and had a decent number of years, there was still that hole which only the parents could fill.  I still have mominbox with us, so are not to that point, but especially on a day like this have to recognize his point.  We have moments when something occurs and I muse on the question, “what would dad do?”   That then allows comparative memories to churn while applying the present situation to the character revealed in the past.  Today, what I will note is that siblinginbox and I had a good dad.  Thank you, God, for the time we had with him.