The thoughts are good.  I would like to see how he handles a press corp entirely staffed by the opposition party.  If he behaved in the manner of the present regime, all the reporters would be banned except those from his own party.  In addition, IRS audits of everyone in that room.  It’s all in fairness, you know.

This article describes the focus communism has on the family.  This article notes how the present pope can’t be bothered to help a Christian pair of siblings.  Turkey has been removing Christianity by taking churches leaving the Christians no place to worship.  This is in addition to killing them or driving them out of the country.  There is an example of how muslims behave in real life.  I previously posted a coexist bumper sticker with the question of how one can when the first symbol on there corresponds to a philosophy encouraging killing or slavery of anyone not of their ilk.  Let me offer the first step on dealing with the muslim problem – take away their whitewash of religion and speak of them for what they are.   They are a totalitarian tribal ideology.  Now ask yourself if a totalitarian tribal ideology has any business being in this country.  The answer is easily obvious.  That is why I will not provide any sort of cover of islam as religion.  It isn’t.