Here is an interesting article describing the present collapse, noting that reality does differ from movies.  Really!?  Don’t all movies tell the truth!?

I like the side-bar picture: a tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of the sheep.  Apply that to our present political situation.  So much truth in such a small box.

Back to the article: “What happened between last year and this year and why are these internationalists suddenly so forthcoming about our economic reality? The fact that central bankers are the cause of our current collapse leads me to believe that such admissions are designed to deflect guilt. If they put out a few warnings now, they can then later claim they are prognosticators rather than culprits, and that they were trying to “help us.” Beyond that, the reality is that our situation was just as dire in 2014/2015 as it is today; the difference is that now we are about to enter a new phase in the ongoing collapse, a much more detrimental phase, but still a phase of a breakdown that has been progressing since at least 2008.”

Personally, I would describe the collapse since 2008, and in some cases from prior – as pushed, cajoled, enhanced, fed energy drinks, hyped up on Ritalin, fueled on nitro, oversized breast implants, rocket assist acceleration.  When the final stake is driven through our Constitution, it won’t be for a lack of desire to destroy the one most sustaining, best designed governmental form the world has ever seen that the final act was accomplished.  Our original form of government took a hit post the civil war when states were removed from representation through the 17th amendment.  If I had one gift to give America, it would be to remove that amendment and allow states to assert their representation again.  Imagine a chamber of the legislature entirely removed from popular representation and wholly responsible to the state they represent.  Can you just picture the attitude change?  How would the senators behave when they could not buy votes with the money from special interests?  That would be my gift to America.  Thanks for indulging me in that little bit of fantasy on our way to the reality of the last stake through our liberties being forged presently.