I didn’t get very much done in the bathroom this evening.  As things are running, I will have to be happy with the little step.  I have heard that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.  That’s nice about the beginnings, but I am in the remembering that each little step applies to the journey.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  It’s a matter of keeping focus on the target while plodding along the road.

Last week, I had shipping problems with the acrylic I had ordered to cover the walls.  The shipment started with the promise of being there Friday to maybe Friday and probably Saturday, to no shipper has arrived and it won’t go out until Monday, to we have spoken with the shipper and am waiting on when the driver is coming to (now it’s afternoon on Monday) we have spoken with the driver and he may be here after 5.  All this is knowing that once the shipper has the acrylic, there is no actual promise of when the walls would arrive.  I finally made the executive decision to drive across Texas to bad traffic city and pick up the acrylic panels myself.  My return was on Tuesday by noon with enough time to shower, change and make it to work.  I took 4 hours of flex time, and have been trying to make up those 4 hours since.

The rest of the week has run normally with a few minutes here and there used on the bathroom.  After music was done at church yesterday, I took some time to apply spackling to the walls.  This evening, I managed to get the corner applied around the window.  The purpose of this is to allow a magnet surrounded clear plastic pane to be applied over the window area and provided added insulation as well as seal the area a bit more from the water.  We have only been in the house three years and there is a flake in the paint around the window already.

window with metal applied