Spouseinbox and I are taking off for a camping trip.  It’s anniversary week and we try to get away a this time every year.  I say “try” as life does happen.  Anyways, we were looking at money supply as this Spring has been rather rough and tried to decide what to do for the week that was 1.) relaxing, 2.) a different place from where we had gone previously, 3.) affordable.  After considering options, we chose camping at a nearby state.  I didn’t ask about having passports when leaving God’s country, but so be it.  We are going to hike and fish.  I informed spouseinbox that I would do so, and the fish were quite safe with me.  I’m the opposite of that bumper sticker stating “fish tremble at the sound of my voice.”  They look at me and say, “lunch.”  On that note, I was fishing off a pier in Long Island and had a spider crab enjoying my bait.  I would feel a tug, reel in the line, and there was this crab holding the line with one claw and feasting on my bait with another.  When there was too little water contact, he would let go and await another offering.  I finally quit fishing.  I was really wanting to do something other than feed a crab that day.  Now do you understand my comment of “lunch?”

So as the plans were swirling in the hopper, it happened to be that this trip would take us near a relative of spouseinbox.  That’s cool.  We can drop in and say hi.  I offered the possibility of doing Samson for them and heard back that their church would really like a performance.  We brushed up the trailer, added acrylic calk to each rivet, added tie-downs inside on the frame and secured the equipment and readied the trailer and all contents for a trip across Texas.  This will be our first performance on the road – so to speak.  We asked the relative to send pictures of the platform and will have an interesting time fitting the stage items on their stage.  That’s one challenge of doing this – the equipment has to be flexible enough to adapt to whatever stage is available.  In our case, we need a decent back distance for the projector, mirror, rear-projection screen which also doubles as our changing area and storage for props.  From the pictures sent, we may have to step off the main stage to utilize the floor in front as there isn’t a lot of depth to the stage.  I guess it’s like nursing – you have to be flexible and adapt to the situation at hand.

Mominbox is going to stay and look after things here and we have church folks to look in on her during our outing.  That noted, we are trying another first – Batman and Robin are joining us.  So, we are doing a trip across Texas pulling a home-made trailer with 30 pounds of canine (combined) to camp, feed fish go fishing in another state, and stop to perform Samson in a church in which we have never stepped a toe.  Sounds interesting to me.  Just note that there will be no postings as we will only have a solar cooler for drinks and all other food was chosen as it could be kept at room temperature.  Yes, no internet for a week.  We don’t even know if there will be cell service there, so phones are in question.  If there is no cell service, we will be as removed as on our cruise at our first anniversary.  The provisions won’t be as fancy though.

For any interested, the cooler we have is one of those 12 volt Coleman electronic coolers that is rated at 40 degrees below ambient.  We have a solar cell which is rated just over double of the wattage of the cooler and a battery pack with controller to – hopefully – charge the battery through the day and keep it running through the night.  This is also a first, so I can’t say how well it will work yet.  That’s why we are going to only use it for a drink cooler and not trust it to keep any food.  Having the temperature only relative to ambient temp is also a consideration.  An actual refrigerator running on 12 volts is available, but priced out of sight for us – this year.

Well, I’ve rambled enough and with final preparations coming today don’t know if I’ll make it back here before the trip.  Therefore, I’ll wish you a pleasant rest of the week until I can report on the performance and camping.