i was directed to this video by siblinginbox.  Sad to say, it’s very accurate.  The author does a fantastic job as well as the performer.  The faces of recognition of what’s being spoken and implicated work well.  On that note I wanted to chirp a thought from my branch.  I had an exchange with one of our younger crowd and was duly impressed with the number of items recalled.  These items were random animal and habitat facts from Brazil.  I was mulling on the exchange and realized a sad implication.  Our present generation is being taught trivia and told it’s an education.  Kids are running around spouting facts and figures and having the emotional assurance that they are knowledgeable, without being able to properly make change.  The practical skills and knowledge needed are not being provided.  This paves the way for someone with that knowledge to be in charge.  So, though the fear mentioned in the song is that someone of that level will be president, actually, it will be someone from a private school who had to actually work at learning proper information.

I would be happy to be wrong about this, but have seen too much information on this mindset to believe the opposite.  There is a classic line in moves which I also heard from a former military guy.  This military guy was trained in hand-to-hand combat by a short Filipino.  He said the troop was rather dismissive about their new instructor and actually ignored his commands.  The exchange that followed was the short Filipino saying to a big 6′ soldier “do you think you can take me?” at which point the 6′ soldier said, “I don’t think so, I know so.”  The Filipino looked at the troop and asked if anyone else thought so too.  There were five more hands.  The Filipino looked back at the 6′ guy and said, “I will take you out first, then you two jump me at the same time and I will take you out next, then you three jump me and I will take you out last.”  The exchange went just as the Filipino stated with 6 men on the ground.  How was this accomplished?  The Filipino had knowledge and skill the men didn’t.  The classic line – “I taught you everything you know.  I didn’t teach you everything I know.”

When information is not disseminated, an individual is placed at disadvantage to the one who possesses the information.  I believe that is the reason for the founders providing such a high priority on passing information (mail service is in the Constitution) and the reason our present crew is trying to teach as little as possible.  Slaves were not to learn.  They might obtain ideas.  They might not follow the dictates of their “betters.”  Those with real knowledge might actually do something on their own.  *gasp*  One may call this cynical.  I think it’s just acknowledging the behavior observed.