I was reading in Revelation 12 this morning and noted an interesting phrase –that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world”.  This sounded like something I had seen earlier in the quron  – “and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers”.  I believe the identity of allah is shown in this comparison.  Further down on the page discussing the context of sura 3:54 is a list of comparatives between God in the Bible and satan.  

For those of you who have noted my lack of capitalization in certain areas, let me enlighten you to my concept.  Actually, it’s not mine originally, but I’m just copying an idea from book I was reading describing characteristics of satan.  One of them was pride.  Pride led that angel to rebel against God and get kicked out of heaven.  The author said that with pride being one of satan’s characteristics, he would not even provide him a capitalization for his name.  I thought that was a good idea and have applied it to satan and his followers since.