I know things have been silent here for a while, but the opposite is the occurrence at home.  Post the trip to Chandler and vacation in Daisy State park in Arkansas, I was getting material for projects at the house when the truck had issues.  “Had issues” is the polite way to say, dead in the water, dry on the beach, refuse in the landfill, I think you get the picture.  I had already known of the valve tick, oil and antifreeze leak and was planning an overhaul in about September with the plan of obtaining equipment and materials in the interim.  When parts of the starter went through the flywheel, that plan had alterations.  I was under the torque converter case when the spectacle of antifreeze presented.  Wha-la, it has been found.  Since the engine had to be pulled anyways for the starter parts, it seemed sensible to change the entire engine and fix all the problems at once.  That decision was two weeks ago.  I haven’t made a daily effort, but nearly that much with the ball or repair jobs being ever so slowly pushed up that hill.  As an example, I had forgotten to mark the location of the CV joint to the drive-shaft off the front differential.  The bolt holes weren’t exactly lined and two removals and two thread tappings later, I finally got the thing bolted together.  That has been typical for this project.  At least the new engine fit into the new torque converter and 4 of 5 bolts holding the housing returned to their respective positions.  Spouseinbox was also assisting with suggestions and tightening bolts and running jacks and other assistance.

On removal, I had laid out the pieces of the engine compartment in rough categories just to the side of my project area to be utilized later.  Mominbox approached the new engine and commented on the wires and stuff at the top wondering if we were nearly done.  I just pointed to the stuff piled to the side and instructed that all of those items go here and pointed to the area between the timing chain and the front of the truck.  An astounded mominbox left the area.  It didn’t used to be like that, but government and comfort considerations have increased the number of pieces of equipment required in that compartment.  One thing I have lamented, to get to the item in question, one has to remove x, y, and z.  I have long wished the engineers who designed vehicles would be required to work on them… just saying.

Well, the first header is on the exhaust and a second one is due the driver’s side, but I am trying to build a heat shield for the starter, so am losing a lot of time in that endeavor.  The hope is that time lost here will translate into longer life and less time spent changing the starter.  Now you are up to date on the extra stuff happening here, excepting there was no word about the usual stuff happening as well.  Yes, regular life goes on, and I have realized that there is no real balance to things, I just focus more on the mole that pops up out of the ground, and when it has been bopped back down, try to catch up on the regular life stuff that has been lacking.  I am reminded of a lady for whom I worked on a fence.  She was a professional back-up singer and said that at the end of a concert, she was signing autographs and thinking to herself, “I bet not a single person here knows I have 12 loads of laundry sitting at home.”  No balance, just dealing with the most pressing issue at the time and trying to catch up later.  That tends to be the way I blog.